2023 10 19 | Font Release: Megato

The right voice for your next space mission

We are pleased to introduce Megato. Megato is a strong uniwidth typeface with an industrial vibe. Megato supports Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese Kana, and some Kanji. Hebrew script is still in beta state, but modern Hebrew should work.

The Megato typeface has been under development by Andreas Seidel since 2019. The main work on the Latin and Cyrillic characters took place between 2019 and 2020, with the Hebrew and Greek extensions added in 2021. A major part of the Greek extension was done by Ingo Preuss. Dr. Yossi Brill consulted on the Hebrew extension. The development of the Japanese characters started in 2022 and is ongoing. The validation of Kana took about a year and was made possible by the generous support of Japanese expert Michael Santifaller.

Try it yourself!

For a limited time, you can license the Megato Light font style for only 1 Euro and explore all features.