Important Note About Textured (Grunge) Fonts

Some of our fonts are textured. They look washed out or worn and have many alternate characters. These fonts have a multiple of nodes. Compared to a conventional font, the amount of data can increases by 20 to 30 times.

These fonts or styles are not suitable for use as web fonts, ebook fonts, or for mobile applications. Most of these fonts have a simpler version with much fewer glyphs. Please see the notes on the respective font pages.

Excluding these fonts from licensing as WEB, Ebook or mobile APP fonts is currently not possible due to technical reasons.

Please note that if you still choose to use these fonts as WEB, Ebook or mobile APP fonts, we will not support or warrant them.

This does not affect their use as Desktop fonts. As desktop fonts, they do their job. It can be helpful to render individual lines of text as pixel graphics if you need this textured font look for websites and mobil applications.