2024 02 03 | Font Release: Vtg stencil Diag-B 175

We released a new addition of to our growing stencil font collection - Vtg Stencil Diag-B 175.

The Diagraph-Jumbo machines were very important machines because they were used to make stencils for marking export shipments. The U.S. government requirement from the 1940s was what export goods have to be marked with letters in a size of at least 1.5 inch height. Diagraph-Jumbo machines used a letter height of 1.75 inches, and later 1.5 and 2 inch machines were available too.

The Font Family: Regular, Mono, Source

Diag-B stands for Diagraph Bradley and 175 stands for 1.75 inch original letter height. The font is available in three styles. The Regular font style is a revised design and well suited for all types of headline and display applications. The Source style is very, very close to the original design that the Diagraph Bradley Jumbo machine cuts - its monospaced. The Mono style offers most of the revised characters of the Regular style but is monospaced. So if you need to simulate the cut of the machine use Source or Mono font style.

Have fun and always make good stuff.

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