2024 06 25 | Font Release: Vtg Stencil Diag-B 050

With the font release of Vtg Stencil Diag-B 050, we now have all three classic type sizes from the Diagraph / Diagraph-Bradley stencil machines as digital fonts in our Vintage (Vtg) Stencil Font Collection. The first Diagraph stencil machines were introduced in 1903 and have been built almost unchanged for over 80 years.

These machines, like those of the Ideal Stencil Machine Co., were used even before the First World War for addressing freight, marking goods or machines and large equipment, in industry and in the military. These indestructible machines can still be found in many workshops today. They have become part of U.S. American heritage and culture.

These stencil typefaces are still in use today. They are often employed wherever manual labor and heavy work are involved, such as in the construction industry. However, vintage and street culture have also embraced these typefaces, incorporating them into their graphic canon. You can't look away if you see a headline in one of these tough stencil types.

As always have fun and make good stuff.