2023 07 03 | Font Release: Vtg Stencil Diag-B 087

We are very happy to release Vtg Stencil Diag-B 087.

Now we have the common font sizes around 1 inch from all four of the historic stencil machine manufacturers in our font library. The four historical manufacturers of stencil cutting machines were Bradley, Diagraph (later Diagraph-Bradley), Ideal, and Marsh.

The Font Family: Regular, Mono, Source

Diag-B stands for Diagraph Bradley and 087 stands for 7/8 inch or 0875 inch. The font is available in three styles. The Regular font style is a revised design and well suited for all types of headline and display applications. The Source style is very, very close to the original design that the Diagraph Bradley 7/8" machine cuts - its monospaced. The Mono style offers most of the revised characters of the Regular style but is monospaced. So I you need to simulate the cut of the machine use Source or Mono font style.

Have fun and always make good stuff.