Secca Collection


Thin Thin Italic Light Light Italic Regular Italic Book Book Italic Medium Medium Italic Bold Bold Italic Extra Bold Extra Bold Italic Black Black Italic Ultra Black Ultra Black Italic

Secca Hairline

15 15 Italic 25 25 Italic 35 35 Italic
> Secca, the versatile font family Secca, the versatile sans serif with moderate contrast and reliable performance. Secca's workhorse qualities make it ideal for a wide range of applications, especially where legibility and efficiency are important. The core Secca family consists of nine weights ranging from Thin to Ultra Black, accompanied by three Hairline weights. Each weight includes italics and small caps, providing a full range of creative options. While the light to bold weights excel in text sizes, the extreme weights are an excellent typographic choice for eye-catching headlines. When it comes to presenting data in tables and graphs, Secca goes the extra mile by providing tabular figures, fractions, currency signs and mathematical operators with a consistent fixed width across the entire weight range. This feature, known as "weight duplexing," is a time-saving advantage when setting figures in annual reports and other documents that rely heavily on numerical data.