Vtg Stencil DIN

Regular Rough Rough Lt Halftone Halftone Lt Fabric Fabric Lt Alt Alt Rough Alt Rough Lt Alt Halftone Alt Halftone Lt Alt Fabric Alt Fabric Lt
The Vtg Stencil DIN fonts were developed to make the most common German stencil type available as digital font. The font design is based on DIN 1451, the standard German typeface from the 1930s. Because of its technical precision, it is considered the archetype of an industrial typeface. Vtg Stencil DIN comes in many styles – Regular, Alt, Fabric, Halftone and Rough. The Alt style features older designs of letter "a" and figures "6" and "9". Vtg Stencil Din - Regular is listed in the current DIN 1451-1:2018-12 as a reference for stencil fonts according to DIN 1451-2. --- ATTENTION: The textured fonts styles Rough, Rough Lt, Halftone ,Halftone Lt, Fabric, Fabric Lt, Alt Rough, Alt Rough Lt, Alt Halftone, Alt Halftone Lt, Alt Fabric, Alt Fabric Lt, are not intended for use on mobile devices or the web! The font files are approximately 900kb to 2.000kb in size per file. --- Please note that these styles are not suitable for rendering on slow devices, and the amount of data is large. For these applications, please use the REGULAR and ALT styles only.