Vtg Stencil France No.1

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> The Classic French Letters Classic French stencil letter design is undoubtedly rooted in the bold Didone style. Its origins can be traced back to the early 19th century, when Paris and London witnessed the development of a new and very bold Didone type style. This innovative approach gained immense popularity and was embraced by skilled engravers and type foundries beginning in the 1830s. Many of the French stencils were produced by T & C, Paris (Thévenon et Cie, successor to Chevalier et Cie), founded in 1824. The most distinctive and captivating features of typical French stencils are certain numerals, especially 1, 2, 3, 7, and especially 5. As the size of the stencils decreases, the appearance of the numeral 5 undergoes a stylistic change, with its bulbous shape being replaced by something akin to a "breve". In addition, stylistic variations can be seen in the letters J and Q. Although lowercase sets are rare, they were created and still exist. In addition, older stencil sets and custom-made stencil lettering show even more variation. While stencil lettering is gradually dying out in other countries, regions such as Normandy and Brittany in France continue to use stencils to this day. They are used for technical lettering, the original purpose of stencils, as well as for advertising and informational signs, often in an artistic or patriotic context. It is likely that the enduring appeal of this design lies in its alluring graphic qualities - the pronounced contrast within the straight forms and the graceful curves that continue to captivate our gaze as they did in the past. --- We are proud to say that our French stencil fonts are probably the most authentic digital fonts of these culturally and historically important letters. The Alt font styles featuring alternate versions of the letters J, K, and 5.