Vtg Stencil Germany No.1

Regular Paint Sketch Light Inlay
The Germany No.1 fonts were created using genuine antique German stencil-plates made by the August Mentel factory in Berlin. Interestingly, these stencil-plates exhibit a high-contrast Didot design that closely resembles French stencils. They were produced during the German Empire between 1871 and 1918, and their utilization extended beyond that period. The font styles "Paint" and "Sketch" offer 4 extra variations of base glyphs and figures. When used in compatible OpenType applications, a comprehensive random function will mix the glyphs as you type. --- ATTENTION: The textured fonts styles Paint and Sketch are not intended for use on Mobile Apps, Ebooks or as Webfonts! The font files are approximately 600kb to 1.800kb in size per file and need long to render. ---