Vtg Stencil Italy No.2

The Italien Way --- Italian stencils are loosely inspired by classic French stencil lettering, as can be seen by comparing the figures (numbers) between the two styles. However, the production technique for Italian stencils is different. Instead of punching the design into the plates, alternative methods such as drilling, milling, or etching are used. As a result, certain details, such as the serifs, appear bold but somewhat awkward, and when the stencils are used as intended, smaller elements tend to fade. In Italy, unlike in France, these stencils are more commonly associated with maritime settings, adorning boats, harbors, beach accesses, and occasionally found at campgrounds and kiosks. Known as "STAMPI TRAFORATI LETTERE" or "STAMPI ALFABETO LAMIERA", these stencils can be purchased from Italian naval metal shops or Brico. You will notice that the width of the stencil sets varies with the range of stencil sizes.