Wood Bonnet

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> Wood Type Love Wood Bonnet Antique No.7 and Grotesque No.4 were inspired by authentic vintage wood type blocks from Switzerland. The weathered appearance of the letters exudes a nostalgic, analog charm when printed. These particular letters have distinctive and peculiar details that are rarely found elsewhere. The original size of the wood type of Antique No.7 was about 7cm and that of Grotesque no.4 about 4cm. The fonts are from Switzerland, but also somehow from France, Paris, since the founder of the company that probably made these wooden letters came from Paris. Charles Bonnet fled as part of the Paris Commune to Switzerland where he then opened a company for wood type in Genv. Later he also opened a company in Paris under the name: Ch. Bonnet & Cie. and later known as Usines Gutenberg. The font offers up to four glyph variants for all basic Latin letters, numerals, and selected additional characters. To recreate the random nature of traditional printing. An OpenType glyph rotator has been programmed to add an element of randomness to live typing. --- --- > ATTENTION: The structured fonts styles Antique No.7, and Grotesque No.4 are not intended for use on mobile Apps, Ebooks or the Web! --- Please note that these styles are not suitable for rendering on slow devices, and the amount of data is too large to be useful as a web font, ebook font or for use in a mobile application.