Wood Heinz Collection

Wood Heinz No.2

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Wood Heinz No.4

Regular New
> My German-Italian Friend The Wood Heinz fonts represent timeless display typefaces with a touch of nostalgia. Although their design bears resemblance to the renowned German Block typeface, it is important to note that these wood typefaces originated from Italy. They were likely created and distributed by Xilografia di Verona during the 1930s, positioning themselves as a me-too product. In the process of digitizing these fonts, the original letterforms were painstakingly redrawn and adapted. Our goal was to preserve their warm and vintage aesthetic while also making slight modernizations to certain characters. Additionally, we focused on improving the spacing and legibility by opening up the counters, enabling the fonts to perform effectively even at smaller text sizes. To meet the needs of various advertisements and labels that require a more compact design, we have created a condensed version called Wood Heinz No. 2. This narrower version is available in two distinct styles: clean (New) and worn (Regular). Interestingly, both families maintain the same stem weight, allowing for seamless integration and combination of the two, as was common in the wood type era of letterpress printing.